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Carr Fire

I started tracking the deadly Carr Fire several days before it surged into the 90,000-person town of Redding in far Northern California, so The Sacramento Bee sent me up to cover it. I arrived at about 10 p.m. the night that west Redding was being evacuated as flames scorched dozens of houses.

I got close to the fire, interviewed evacuated residents and drove through charred hillsides for about 20 hours straight, all the while live tweeting what I saw and heard and feeding copy back to reporters in the newsroom. The following week, I continued writing follow-up stories (including another A1 article) about the Carr Fire, which ended up killing seven people, and was the sixth most destructive fire in state history.

Live tweets:

First dispatch from the scene late Thursday night:

Carr Fire ‘moving with no regard to what’s in its path.’ West side of Redding evacuated

A1 story Saturday morning (published online Friday):

Carr Fire stories from before the blaze surged through Redding:

Fast-moving fire blocks Highway 299 in Shasta County, burning through Whiskeytown area

High winds and hot temperatures in Shasta County spread Carr Fire to nearly 7,000 acres

Carr Fire grows to more than 28,000 acres, putting residents west of Redding on alert

Follow-up stories:

Two more arrested in Redding for entering evacuated neighborhoods, police say

14-foot python that slithered away amid Redding evacuation found safe

‘Somebody hit the wrong button’: Thousands in Shasta Lake city were evacuated accidentally, sheriff says (A1)

Carr Fire update: 3 missing in Shasta County, new details emerge about 6th fatality

All missing residents in Shasta County accounted for, police say

Cape Cod tornado

A tornado touched down in Cape Cod in late July 2019, and I was sent with another Boston Globe metro intern to survey the damage and talk to shocked residents and tourists. We spent the better part of two days in the Cape, where tens of thousands were without power and working to clear hundreds of downed trees and power lines from the road.

I fed copy continuously back to the newsroom, attended a press conference and tweeted what I saw, making a large contribution to the day’s feature story on A1.

First story after arriving at the Cape: Witnesses describe Cape storm damage: ‘The winds started spiraling out of control’

Dispatch from Harwich, one of the most affected cities: Harwich recovers from tornado

Day two story on recovery efforts: Neighbors working together after tornado on Cape Cod

Afternoon story on second day: Governor Baker says state will seek federal disaster relief after Cape tornado