Caltrans traffic congestion plan

The Yolo Causeway has been one of the biggest transportation headaches in the Sacramento region in recent years — the three-lane bottleneck over wetlands impacts drivers on their morning commutes. Caltrans finally decided to do something about it, and unveiled a lengthy and ambitious plan to add an extra lane for miles of freeway. With the Sacramento Bee’s transportation reporter, I looked into how exactly they would pay for the plan, which Caltrans was not very interested in talking about. The story ran on the front page: Toll lanes on the Yolo Causeway? State begins tackling I-80 bottlenecks with creative ideas

Later that week, I attended Caltrans’ open house in Davis and interviewed optimistic but skeptical drivers about the plan. There, I was also able to confront Caltrans officials face-to-face and press them for more details on their plan. I also shot a quick video: Davis drivers intrigued by Caltrans traffic plan, but improvements are a decade away

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